Towards Water Balance Modelling in the Kyeamba Creek Catchment

G. Summerell

Power Point Presentation

The purpose of the Kyeamba study program for NAFE is to enhancing our remote sensing techniques for water balance modelling. The initial aim will be to close a water balance for the sub catchment, Livingstone Creek and then eventually the whole Kyeamba Creek catchment. In the first instance we have taken both continuos and discrete measurements of soil moisture within the Livingstone Creek catchment. The continuos soil moisture measurements occurred at 0.2, 0.6, 1.6, 3.0 and 4.0m at long term monitoring sites that were already established within the Livingstone Creek. The discrete measurement locations were selected based on the major soil types by landform occurring in the subcatchment. These ground measurements where taken concurrently with the medium resolution flights to make use of passive microwave airborne and spaceborne remote sensors. Initial comparisons of field against the passive microwave airborne platform will be presented. The continuos soil moisture data will be given as an overview of the temporal variation and trends in soil moisture between flights. Discussion on how to link this into an overall water balance context will be made. An initial field estimate of the catchment soil water balance will be given to help stimulate discussions on the complex and temporal dynamics of the catchment water balance process.