Second NAFE Workshop


Day 1: NAFE?5 Review

9:30 ?9:50 Welcome and Overview of NAFE?5, 100Mb (Jeff Walker)
9:50 ?10:10 CS616 Calibration, 5.8Mb (Chris Ruediger)
10:10 ?10:30 CS616 and Met Data, 276kb (Jetse Kalma)

10:30 ?10:50 Coffee Break

10:50 ?11:10 HydraProbe Calibration, 1.5Mb (Danielle Biasoni)
11:10 ?11:30 HydraProbe Data, 9.3Mb (Rocco Panciera)
11:30 ?11:50 Soil Temperature Data, 23.5Mb (Marco Rinaldi)
11:50 ?12:10 Vegetation Data, 9.9Mb (Viviana Maggioni)
12:10 ?12:30 Carbon Data, 5.5Mb (Cristina Martinez)

12:30 ?1:20 Lunch Break

1:20 ?1:40 Tree Data, 5.4Mb (Gilles Boulet)
1:40 ?2:00 Other Data (dew, roughness, rock temp, etc), 10.2Mb (Rocco Panciera)
2:00 ?2:20 Airborne NDVI, photos and TIR, 480kb (Olivier Merlin)
2:20 ?2:40 PLMR Calibration, 3.9Mb (Valerio Paruscio)
2:40 ?3:00 PLMR Data, 7Mb (Jeff Walker)

3:00 ?3:30 Coffee Break

3:30 ?3:50 EMIRAD Data, 2.3Mb (Gilles Boulet)

3:50 ?5:00 Post-mortem: What went right and what went wrong?, 55kb (Chair: Jetse Kalma)

5:00 Adjourn

Day 2: NAFE?6 Planning

8:30 ?8:40 Welcome, 1.5Mb (Jeff Walker)

Session 1: What are the questions and requirements of our collaborators?
8:40 ?9:00 A DNR and DPI Perspective, 536kb (Greg Summerell)
9:00 ?9:20 A Monash University Perspective, 796kb (Musa Kilinic/Danii Martin)
9:20 ?9:40 A CSIRO Perspective, 801kb (Moshin Hafeez)
9:40 ?10:00 A European Perspective,459kb (Gilles Boulet)
10:00 ?10:20 A BMRC and eWater Perspective, 366kb (Clara Draper)
10:20 ?10:40 A CRC Bushfires Perspective, 396kb (Ian Grant)

10:40 ?11:00 Coffee Break

Session 2: Towards NAFE'06
11:00 ?11:20 A Murrumbidgee Overview, 10Mb (Olivier Merlin)
11:20 ?11:40 A Proposed Strategy, 6.3Mb (Jeff Walker)

Session 3: What study site makes most sense: Murrumbidgee or Goulburn?
11:40 ?12:10 Breakout on Study Site Selection (Chair: Jeff Walker)
12:10 ?12:30 Report from Group Leaders

12:30 ?1:20 Lunch Break

Session 4: What data collection strategy best addresses the questions?
1:20 ?3:00 Breakout on Data Collection Strategy (Chair: Jeff Walker)

3:00 ?3:20 Coffee Break

3:20 ?4:00 Breakout on Data Collection Strategy (Chair: Jeff Walker)
4:00 ?4:30 Report from Group Leaders

4:30 Close


Name Organisation
Tony Bernardi Department of Primary Industries
Daniele Biasioni University of Melbourne
Gilles Boulet CESBIO
Davide Cammarano University of Melbourne
Clara Draper Bureau of Meteorology
Kevin Ellett University of Melbourne
Ian Grant Bureau of Meteorology
Moshin Hafeez CSIRO Land and Water
Stuart Jones University of Melbourne
Jetse Kalma University of Newcastle
Musa Kilinc Monash University
Yong Li University of Melbourne
Viviana Maggioni University of Melbourne
Danielle Martin Monash University
Cristina Martinez University of Newcastle
Tim McVicar CSIRO Land and Water
Olivier Merlin University of Melbourne
Rocco Pamciera University of Melbourne
Valerio Paruscio University of Melbourne
Geoff Pegram University of Kwazulu-Natal
Robert Pipunic University of Melbourne
Marco Rinaldi University of Melbourne
Christoph Ruediger University of Melbourne
Vic Shoemark Department of Primary Industries
Greg Summerell Department of Natural Resources
Kok Tan Geoscience Australia
Mark Thyer University of Newcastle
Amelia Tsang University of Melbourne
Jeffrey Walker University of Melbourne
Rodger Young University of Melbourne

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