Thermal Data


Dataset description:

Thermal Infrared images are available for all flights for which PLMR data are available.
The coverage is not complete due to the narrower view angle of the thermal camera with
respect to the PLMR.

NOTE: Only factory calibration is applied to these data (no lense distorsion correction)

Data format:

Data are provided as raw ThermaCAM Researcher Sequence files (*.SEQ extension).
One Sequence file is provided for each flight.

Processing instruction


Click on the links in the "download data" column to download the relevant file(s)

03/06/2005Aerial photo flights050603_1.SEQ (0.5Gb!)
07/06/2005NDVI flights050607_1.SEQ (0.5Gb!)
16/05/2005Multi-resolution050516_1.SEQ (1.5Gb!)
18/05/2005Multi-resolution050518_1.SEQ (1.2Gb!)
18/05/2005Multi-angle050518_2.SEQ (0.8Gb!)
20/05/2005Multi-resolution050520_1.SEQ (1.5Gb!)
23/05/2005Multi-resolution050523_1.SEQ (1.3Gb!)
23/05/2005Multi-angle050523_2.SEQ (0.8Gb!)
25/05/2005Multi-resolution050525_1.SEQ (1.5Gb!)
27/05/2005Multi-resolution - file 1050527_1.SEQ (1.7Gb!)
27/05/2005Multi-resolution - file 2050527_2.SEQ (0.3Gb!)

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