Digital Photography Data


Mosaic of aerial photos (NOT orthocorrected)
Dataset description:

The aerial photos for the Waikerie area are provided as a sequence of images in jpeg format. In order to obtain position information for each imag, use this Oxiexplorer tool (license name: Jeffrey Walker; license code: 000899445048) and follow on-screen instructions to creat Oziexplorer Waypoints files.

NOTE: this images are not orthocorrected

  • Aerial photo files for November 03/06/2005: Download (0.3Gb)

  • Aerial photo files for November 07/06/2005: Download (0.3Gb)

  • Download OziExplorer here (license name: *University of Melbourne*; Key Code: 557TG-WREUY-N8L34)

Created: June 2007
Last Modified: June 2007
Maintainer: Rocco Panciera,

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